We specialize in developing comprehensive estate plans for both individual and family clients. We offer a variety of legal services to clients in Pasadena, California as well as the surrounding area of Greater Los Angeles.

Our Most Popular Services


Estate Planning

Estate Planning means more than simply preparing a last Will and Testament, it is the means by which your estate is preserved during your lifetime and distributed according to your wishes upon your passing. The term “estate planning” involves more than providing for the disposition of your assets upon your death with a minimum amount of taxation. A comprehensive estate plan must also provide for the utilization and protection of assets during your lifetime and for decision-making in the event of a disabling illness.


Trust Administration

The Trustee is typically a family member chosen because he or she is honest, has a good relationship with all the beneficiaries, is not under anyone else’s influence, and has the time and resources to administer the trust. Because this is not the trustee’s primary occupation, he or she will have questions about their duties. The Law Office of Charles Staveley often provides legal advice to trustees regarding their duties and responsibilities.


Will, Trust, & Probate Litigation

It may be necessary for a probate court to determine the intentions of the person who executed the estate plan, and legality of various gifts. The Law Office of Charles Staveley, can capably protect your legal interests in contested proceedings. We handle probate and trust litigation throughout Southern California, representing trustees, as well as named beneficiaries or heirs who were unjustly deprived of an expected inheritance.